Is this really happening?

To be honest, I’ve never pictured myself starting a blog.

The thought first came to me today while I was in the shower. I was sincerely caught off guard. Don’t get me wrong, I can find myself quite amusing at times- but I don’t often expect other people to. I feel like blogs are meant for people who are intriguingly witty or who have large amounts of knowledge stored up and just begging to be put somewhere.

Nevertheless, I felt like this was the right step to take in this journey of mine. When a strange thought, like starting a blog, pops into my mind – one that I could never imagine thinking on my own – I usually suspect someOne greater is at work. So here I am.

Maybe writing about my mishaps and successes will help someone somewhere. Who knows.
But I know one thing for sure – I’ll get a glimpse of the prayers He’s answered along the way…especially the ones I never thought to pray. What better reason is there than that?

So bear with me, folks.
And thank you…..really.


3 thoughts on “Is this really happening?

  1. Writing is a way to put thoughts into words. You do not have to be eloquent, witty, or full of knowledge, you just have to write. As someone once told me, do not write so that others can read, write so that you can process your thoughts, your feeling, and your faith. Starting a blog is scary, but the journey is priceless. I look forwards to watching this journey of yours!
    Love, your cousin

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