Something in the works.

Almost exactly two years since my last blog post. How does this happen?!

To my defence, I’ve been a little busy. Here’s a quick-ish play-by-play of the last two years:


  • I was in and out of school at the University of North Florida due to major fibromyalgia flares. I spent a lot of time in bed due to constant muscle and joint pain, chronic fatigue, headaches, hives, dizziness, nausea, and on and on and on. I saw a lot of doctors and tried a lot of new medicines, but most of them failed miserably and put me in even more pain.
  • I was working at UNF in Enrollment Services department in a part-time student position – luckily I had the most kind and understanding boss to ever walk the earth, and she never fired me or made me feel bad even though I missed probably 4 out of every 5 shifts.
  • My then-boyfriend Mitch (spoiler alert – he gets upgraded to husband!) became a constant worker bee trying to support us while I struggled with my health. He made sure I never had to feel like a burden, even though I still did. For reference, we started dating in October of 2014, and I wasn’t doing great. As soon as we started dating, my health got even worse, and by early 2015 I was at the worst I had ever been since before getting diagnosed. He stuck with me through it all, knowing full well that it wouldn’t change. For that (and many other reasons), I think he is the greatest. 
  • We moved into our first tiny apartment together that August along with our rescue pup Shadow, who we definitely shouldn’t have had in my college dorm… We settled in to life together and regardless of our circumstances with health, money, or lack of time, we were happy.
  • Mitch planned a big surprise proposal in front of both families on Christmas Eve. I give him major brownie points for pulling this off and I always will. Obviously, I said yes, because I’d known he was my person almost since the beginning. Thankfully he knew that too, so planning for a wedding in 2018 ensued.1012052_10208058883487375_3035045919682892256_n


  • We made the “mistake” of finding the perfect wedding venue way too early, and we couldn’t imagine waiting an extra year. Now March 2017 wedding planning was a-go!
  • We moved to a bigger place in February and enjoyed frolicking in all the extra living room space. Shadow loved the extra-steep stairs and I loathed them from day one.
  • Mitch started school in the automotive tech program at Jones Technical College in May. He has always wanted to be a mechanic so this was a huge step!1914325_10208704638310842_9148326407563746853_n
  • I finished the last class I needed to obtain my Associate degree in May and decided to take a breather before I finish my Bachelor’s. I figured I survived while working, going to school, and fighting a chronic illness all at the same time. I’ll take the win for now.
  • I took myself off of the pain killers and fibromyalgia medications that had been prescribed to me. They were not working anymore, and causing terrible side effects. I’ve been taking OTC pain relievers and a few mild prescription drugs to battle different symptoms for the past year or so, and while I’m not back to “normal,” I’m happier and healthier than I was. My flares are down to a few days a month, rather than only having a few good days a month in the midst of a constant flare.
  • I started working full-time in August to help out while Mitch is in school. I started at a private company doing medical care management, and I ran into some bad treatment and discrimination for my disabilities there. I hated it, and I was stressed the whole time.
  • We had three weddings in Georgia to attend within a month and a half span in September and October, so that was a whirlwind of a time with so much planning and traveling!
  • Mitch got hired as a technician at our local Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership in November, so he is now doing mechanic work around the clock whether at work or in his school program.
  • I got a call about an open position at the university and my previous boss recommended me for it, so I was hired and headed back to UNF by December! I am now working in the Housing and Residence Life department as an accounts payable/receivable associate and I love it. I have great coworkers who are very understanding when I need to put my health first, and most days are full of fun conversation, interacting with students, and feeling good about where I’m at for now.


  • The wedding countdown really started hitting us when the new year came around! I was a bridesmaid for one of my closest friends in January, and she was to a be a bridesmaid for me in March! So we had plenty of events going on between our bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and of course the actual wedding days!
  • We moved in with Mitch’s parents in February when our lease ended. We are saving up to buy our own house once Mitch is done with school, and felt like this was the perfect opportunity for us to start off our marriage in a good place financially. They have a big yard for Shadow to play in, which is a major pro, and we love how peaceful the area where our new home is. Also – no stairs. Huzzah!
  • Our wedding on March 19th, 2017 was a more perfect day than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t cry the whole day but for one time – when I drove up to the venue that morning. There was this giant fountain that was flowing and blowing so beautifully in the perfect 65 degree wind, and I just couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be getting married on that beautiful day. The rest of the time I was glowing and grinning from sheer happiness! Mitch cried (a lot) and had the most picture perfect reactions when we had our first look and when my dad walked me down the aisle. We got to celebrate with our huge families, dance like crazy, and feel on top of the world together. It was an amazing, irreplaceable experience and something we will always have to look back on in utter thankfulness and disbelief.
  • We honeymooned about an hour away from home in Vilano Beach and St. Augustine, and it was so relaxing and fun to have a few days off of work and school together. We spent most of the time looking at each other in amazement saying, “Guess what…we’re married!!!”

Since then, we’ve been settling in to our new home, planning for our future, and enjoying our new reality as husband and wife. It feels as though nothing and everything has changed at the same time, and it has been such a  beautiful experience the whole way through. I’m a month in to being Mrs. Kight, and I still can’t believe that the past two years flew by and turned out like they did. It is a beautiful, chaotic, perfectly orchestrated mess that I could never have dreamed up for myself.

Day-to-day life with my illness is still hard. We still have very little time to just be together without worrying about work, school, bills, or responsibilities. And I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. But I’m starting to feel okay with all of that. This next stage of our lives really feels like a new beginning where Mitch and I can move forward together and decide what we want for us, for ourselves, and for our futures. I feel really lucky to have a partner who keeps me grounded and helps me feel secure in who I am, while also giving me the space and encouragement I need to become whoever I want to be.


As for this blog, I think it needs to transition just like our lives have. I have so many hopes and dreams – a successful blog being a big one of them – but I need time and inspiration to make them all come alive together. Whenever I figure out exactly what that looks like, I will make it known, and I know the love and support that comes from it will mean the world to me and my little family. I love sharing our story and watching it unfold as we go… and I can’t wait to see what comes next. It’s something in the works, and no matter what, it is all beautiful to me.

All my love,



One thought on “Something in the works.

  1. Love this post, Sam. Life with chronic illness is tough but finding people we love to share our lives with makes such a difference. I’m so happy you’re loving like as a newlywed. To many more years of bliss!

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